Cybersecurity Video Series: Phishing Attacks – Don’t Take The Bait

Cybersecurity Video Series: Phishing Attacks – Don’t Take The Bait


We’ve all gotten an email from a criminal “phishing” for some private information. Maybe it was the Nigerian prince scam, or an email from your “bank” asking you to change your password. Regardless, phishing scams are nothing new. What HAS changed is the sophistication used by cyber criminals. Nowadays, many phishing emails are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from legitimate emails. That’s why it’s so important that you remain educated, and understand how to identify emails scams.

Cyber security is a growing concern for all businesses, and phishing scams are becoming increasingly common. Of course, you need an enterprise-grade antivirus program and a firewall, but you also need tools and training to protect yourself and your staff against email threats and data theft. Without them, you are leaving your company vulnerable to hard-working and determined cyber criminals.

In this video, Ted Shafran explains phishing attacks, why they can be so devastating, and provides 9 simple tips you can use to stay vigilant against phishing scams, email threats, and cyber attacks. The more training you and your employees have, the easier it is to protect yourself, and your business against email scams.

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