Business Grade Firewalls: What They Are and Why You Need One

Business Grade Firewalls: What They Are and Why You Need One


In part 2 of our Cyber Security video series Ted goes deep about the importance of business-grade firewalls. If you don’t already know, Firewalls are the gatekeepers of your company network. They block malicious traffic from entering the network and causing havoc. This is your first line of defense against hackers and cybercriminals who are trying to get access to your client data, bank details and account information.

When we visit a new client for the first time, we’re often surprised to find them using the router/modem combo supplied by their ISP as their gateway to the Internet. Unfortunately, these devices are designed to PASS traffic, not to analyze and BLOCK it. That means that a hacker trying to enter your network is going to have a pretty easy time getting through.

While basic routers blindly pass traffic between two networks, firewalls actually monitor that traffic and help block intrusions on your network. To learn more about Firewalls and how they secure your network check out the video below:

Our next video focuses on Antivirus software and why you only get what you pay for. Stay tuned for the next edition of Connectability Cyber SecuriTips!